Tuesday, August 16, 2011

can this hamster get more fans than barack obama?

fluffy using elevator
fluffy eating
                                                                 fluffy climbing
                                             fluffy leading soldiers in world war 1
                                                                   fluffy exercising
                                                       fluffy volunteering to be a mouse
                                                              fluffy flying a plane

Saturday, August 13, 2011

sneaky peeky...

hi viewers, recently i was reading disney dvd insider when there was a article about easter eggs! they are really hidden videos! you want some? here are some!
1. on finding nemo, (disk one) go to the bonus features. highlight the exit button. press down. you should see a green fish. press enter!

2. on monsters inc., (disk two) go to monsters only. then dont, i swear, DONT, press left, down, or up. just press right. the eyeball on the M should turn green. press enter.

3. on finding nemo, (disk one) go to bonus features. go to visual commentary. go to the virtual aquarium icon. (its a fish in a box) press up. you should see a green fish. press enter!

i think thats all. try ALL of these secrets! if you know some other secrets, comment them to me! after all,  
dosen't anyone like secret bonuses? huh?