Monday, August 18, 2014

the final letter

ok guys, this will probably be the final letter i have to send for the year, so let me tell you an story.

all of an sudden, I had to ask bob smithouser and James holt what they thought of 3 shows. why? that is classified. also, i included another "gift". anyway, here is the letter.

August 18, 2014

Dear James Holt,

Thanks for telling me the truth about Bob’s negative reviews. I will never look at them the same way ever again.

I have a few questions for you and Bob. All of them are questions about TV shows on Disney XD. Note that all of these are just suggestions, so he doesn’t have to review the shows at all! (But it would sure be nice if he did.)

First, what does Bob think about the show “Pac-man and the ghostly adventures”? I’m an avid gamer, and I wonder if I should watch it, or if I should just play the original Pac-man.

Second, what does Bob think about the show “Wander Over Yonder”? I enjoyed the episode “The Nice Guy”. It warmed my heart to see the fuzzy orange protagonist do all those selfless deeds in an galactic convenience store. But, that’s only one episode. What about the others?

Finally, what does Bob think about the show “Doraemon”? The concept about a blue earless robot cat from the future seems promising… but is the show good to watch?

I know I’ve sent two letters (this one being the third), so I’m guessing you probably won’t write back. But I want you to know that I write every letter from my heart… and I want to say that you are a nice person. But if you decide to write back, I’ve enclosed an S.A.S.E.

May God bless you,

Andrew Joseph Lapain
*** *. ********* *****
********** *****, MI

P.S.: It’s great to know you found my gift “hilarious”, so here’s another one! ;D

now, as i did with the last post with one of my letters, there will be a poll.  here are the rules from the last post.

"this is an poll! now, you have two options. comment to show which one you chose. also, comment under the name "voter".
*somebody will answer!
*somebody won't answer!
now, how do you do an custom name? choose "name/url". you will can now type in a name. in this case, type in "voter"."
you also have to explain why you think that they will or will not write back.

all of these rules are pretty easy to digest, but the competition will be grueling! or not... because last time we did a vote, everyone thought someone would write back. but please, tell your honest opinion...

which vote will prevail? positive? or negative? it will be revealed over time...

may the best voter win.