Friday, May 25, 2012

marvel gives superhero hearing aid and creates new one as well

hi guys! know what? something happened! marvel did something! here is a video!

here is the "blue ear" picture!


freaking awesome. they should make the guy official. maybe he has a nemesis named "captain deafness" or "deaf-man" or "commander deaf". now for the project we talked about in the last post. here is the project!!! we are bringing companies to our house!!! yay!!! when the project occurs, i will post exclusive images, videos, and tell you about merchandise that will come in the events! yay!!! until then, be safe!

Monday, May 21, 2012

hi guys! sorry for lacking blog posts... i had stuff to do. but now i'm back! :D i've come to notify you of a SUPER SUPER SUPER project that is going on!!!!!! i have started this project by cleaning this house(if you are my dad, you probably know this already)! i have begun organizing my closet, cleaning the back room, and even started sorting legos!!! alright! im almost done with the legos. however, i am slacking on the legos too. i am doing my bedroom and the back room still. to celebrate the project, i am putting something you will absolutely LOVE! its william tell overture. enjoy! by the way, can you do me a favor? i need to know nick jr's, cartoon network's, and disney channel's phone number address. i tried to do it on facebook, but there was a slight glitch. i posted just on saturday, when everybody was off facebook. if my friends were on, they would have been notified. they got on 2 days later after i posted. by then, the notification was GONE. GONE. GONE. sorry guys. i also think i was a bit impolite.(shy tone) can you find the addresses and phone numbers please. thanks. i will tell you of the project later. i forgot! here's your william tell. ;)