Thursday, January 30, 2014


well guys this is the first post of 2014! i was recently at the dentist, which was surprisingly quick, because  dr goldnick was sick in bed... or couch... or house... whatever, the new dentists name was sam. after the dentist, umm... my nitrome app data got erased... now lets get down to business!
ok, so you know earl, as from moms posts, but there was a calico cat outside one day. he was in the driveway, then disappeared. he appeared again recently. but today, we got up close and personal. mr crick is keeping him in his house. here are some pictures.

and guess what, he is probably 10 months! old, yet you can feel his spine and he has matted fur. did this cat get any food!?! this poor soul deserves to live! may god bless him. he is probably a calico since he has 3 colors on him. i just cant wait for his tummy to be full again. if you pray for this cat, that would be awesome.
goodbye, andrew