Monday, May 21, 2012

hi guys! sorry for lacking blog posts... i had stuff to do. but now i'm back! :D i've come to notify you of a SUPER SUPER SUPER project that is going on!!!!!! i have started this project by cleaning this house(if you are my dad, you probably know this already)! i have begun organizing my closet, cleaning the back room, and even started sorting legos!!! alright! im almost done with the legos. however, i am slacking on the legos too. i am doing my bedroom and the back room still. to celebrate the project, i am putting something you will absolutely LOVE! its william tell overture. enjoy! by the way, can you do me a favor? i need to know nick jr's, cartoon network's, and disney channel's phone number address. i tried to do it on facebook, but there was a slight glitch. i posted just on saturday, when everybody was off facebook. if my friends were on, they would have been notified. they got on 2 days later after i posted. by then, the notification was GONE. GONE. GONE. sorry guys. i also think i was a bit impolite.(shy tone) can you find the addresses and phone numbers please. thanks. i will tell you of the project later. i forgot! here's your william tell. ;)


  1. Can you clean the office too? How about the van? :)

  2. i know your dad, because your mgoblog profile is ELMER! i'm too smart for this world.