Friday, October 3, 2014

SMASH 3DS(and austin)

ok, so, smash bros released today(and austin came over. if your reading this right now austin, thanks for coming over). and, i got to reveal some mysteries in the new game. lets see them now!
1: little mac!
below: he who attacks in air suffers greatly.

ah, little mac. the boxer with green gloves whos remarkably powerful on land, but ridicously weak in the air. when he enters the battlefield, he walks while punching(not an very smart thing to do in a crowd) in his trademark pink hoodie, then throws it off... but isnt his pink hoodie an alternate costume? yes. so... DOES THAT ALTERNATE COSTUME HAVE 2 HOODIES ON?!?!
"yo dawg, i heard you like hoodies, so we put a hoodie in your hoodie, so you can wear while you wear!" in fact, he dosent even take the hoodie off. myth busted. now, lets see the other myth.
2:fox and tanooki leaf!
(credit goes to the miiverser "Archdan" for the creation of this comment picture that inspired this myth.)

uh... so the tanooki leaf gives you ears and a tail. it also gives you the ability to float in the sky like peach. but when fox has it... WILL WHAT THE COMMENT PICTURE PREDICTS COME TRUE?!?!
"yo dawg, i heard you like ears and tails, so we put ears and tails on your ears and tails so you have ears and tails while you have ears and tails!"(im getting sick of these yo dawg memes...)
yes and no. when fox uses the tanooki leaf, he gets a tail, but no ears. as a result, he looks like this guy:
below: hes a fox, but hes not fox mccloud. wonder if he gets 3 tails if he gets an tanooki leaf. TAILS FOR SMASH D.L.C.!!!

so... thats all the myths i had. speaking of which, everybody looks ridiculous with an tanooki tail. mega man, pac man, samus, and everybody else. i hope you enjoy the new smash bros. and i hope you continue to grieve rayman's exclusion from smash bros.

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