Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ikachan released!

the image from the nintendo power article

Yesterday I was going around Nintendo's website when I caught wind Ikachan released. Nintendo power did a article about it in it's March 2011 issue. It has been a while, considering it has been almost 2 years. If there's one major mistake game-makers can make, it's revealing their games when it is not close to the release. The result  is a bunch of agitated gamers. Bummer. So why buy a game that is from the makers of cave story, a game that I think my mom will not allow? Mom reads EVERY issue of nintendo power before giving it to me. She liked the game in the article. Beside, on the day i bought it... IT HAS BEEN A YEAR SINCE THE 3DS CAME TO OUR HOME!!! "WOOT!(party blower)" Hoo-ha, hoo-ha...(panting) That was quite the explanation. The q button on the mac is broken so it will not work. I simply copy one off the internet. If you ever get the chance to buy the game, BUY IT! The music is great, and the pixel-artwork is simply superb. I've waited almost 2 years. It's worth the 5 dollars.(actually, 4 dollars and 99 cents, but i'm rounding off.)
may the sporks be with you.
(I hate that logo. I am thinking about deleting it from the start of making a new blog post. But I don't want it to be permanently gone. But I think it is like Justin Beiber; no matter how much you want him to go away, he won't. Except the logo won't. I can't find the time to do it.)

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