Monday, May 27, 2013

news regarding pixar films

Hey guys,
remember toy story? it was released in 1995. it chronicles the tales of the stories of woody and buzz. lets just sum it up this way. On andy's birthday, buzz was the new kid and town and woody wasn't amused. So woody pushed buzz out the window and the 2 toys got stuck in a chuck-e-cheese style pizza planet. But they got captured hostage in the claw machine by sid, the kid who likes to blow up toys with bombs. Yes, real bombs. So they are stuck in sids home, and buzz is faced with the big one strapped to his back. until they come to life in front of sid and freak his pajammies out. But then they have to make a run for it to get to the family car(the family is moving) and buzz is free from the evil rocket and flies to the van. And everybody lives happily ever after- except sid.
The audience loved it so much, that in 1999, they had a sequel involving a greedy guy who wants to take woody to japan.
And the audience has a natural hunger for MORE! So... in 2010, 11 years later, woody and the toys are stuck in a hellish day care center ruled by a evil teddy bear named lotso in TOY STORY #! i meant 3, but who cares?

Of course, its easy to forget classics. Monsters inc. for example, was released in 2001. Sulley finds a toddler and develops a friendship while trying to get her home. At the end, it is proven kids aren't toxic, and laughter is obviously 10 times more powerful than screams. WOULDN'T YOU LIKE A SEQUEL???
I knew it. fortunately for monsters inc. fans, in june 21, after a 12 years longer sequel drought than toy story, monsters U will release this year. What? not a video game, the U stands for university. hmm, should we call it a sequel or a prequel?
I knew you would keep requesting these news. Google "finding nemo sequel". Almost instantly, you will see a result called "finding dory". Ill bet your aunt everybody loves dory more than raymond. 
Sadly...(sigh) looks like bugs life WONT have a sequel. Just did a google. the cast just died a tragic death. HOAX OR NOT? you decide. well thats all. see you next time.

ANDREW(the stupid logo is finally gone!)


  1. We watched some Pixar shorts yesterday on TV. One was a Toy Story short I'd never seen before, where buzz was trapped inside a chicken restaurant.

    I am looking forward to the Monsters U animated movie! :)

    1. wow, i didn't know that, penny! ill make sure to watch it on youtube. :D and maybe ill post it on my blog too...

    2. except do we have to either record it on tv or buy it from a store?!?!

  2. Keep writing Andrew!! You have many good things to say!!

  3. I'm so excited about Monster U!! We just did the monstrous summer all nighter at Magic Kingdom . It was fun!

  4. I love the sequel to Toy Story simply because it gave my daughter the courage to ride an elevator!