Saturday, June 28, 2014

lord of the letters: fellowship of the letter

remember the last thing i posted? well, 2 days ago, i dropped an important "file" in the mailbox at the post office. it was another letter.  it contained 3 things. a letter. a sase. and a gift. and no, i did not put my feces in the envelope. the gift was an image. unfortunately, i cannot upload it right now. but i CAN upload the letter. here it is!
June 26, 2014

Dear James Holt,

Thank you for answering my letter.  And I have a couple things to tell you and Bob.

First, can those media discernment tips you gave me be applied to more than TV? For instance, video games and movies. And don’t forget books and music.

Second, I have never watched Gravity Falls, so it has not controlled me. And, the reason why I was too scared to read the review was that I simply did not want to hear Bob be negative. I have done the same thing with his review of Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters and Kid Icarus Uprising. Because, like I always say, “Nobody likes to hear an angry Bob”. And yes, I did make that quote up. But, I still like High Voltage. Keep the reviews coming please, Bob!

Finally, I have considered being a brony (a male that watches My Little Pony), but I changed my mind when I discovered on the internet that there were magic spells in the show. What does Bob think of my decision?

Also, what does your friend Bob think about The Amazing World Of Gumball? Is it worth it to watch that cartoony blue cat or not?

I have included a SASE, and it would make my day if you or Bob wrote back.  Also, I have included a picture that I made for Bob on PowerPoint. I hope he enjoys it!


Andrew Joseph Lapain
*** *. ********* *****
********** *****, MI

P.S.: How do I apply those media discernment tips without watching the show itself?

as you can see, i had lots of questions just BEGGING to be answered. now, here comes the serious part!  this is an poll! now, you have two options. comment to show which one you chose. also, comment under the name "voter".
*somebody will answer!
*somebody won't answer!
now, how do you do an custom name? choose "name/url". you will can now type in a name. in this case, type in "voter".

we shall see what vote prevails...



  1. I like how you think for yourself and do not become a brony simply because other males your age are. Way to be YOU!

  2. well? any votes yet?

  3. You are so bright! My vote is ...somebody will answer

  4. I think this is awesome!

  5. I vote somebody will answer.

  6. I like how thorough your thinking is. Your are amazing, my grandson. I vote somebody will answer. Your conversations are fantastic.

  7. I vote that someone WILL answer! Let us know!

  8. Someone will answer!

  9. 6 positive votes and zero negative... i am surprised by the faith of my followers. i was actually expecting negative votes...