Saturday, June 7, 2014

powerpuff gore-ls!

"Numbers never bleed, which Mr. Z believed was one of their best qualities. Because just the word blood was enough to make him start looking for a chair so he could sit and put his head between his knees." - Lunch Money, chapter 7, Order And Chaos

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Is that what this cheesy y7-rated show is made of? From a recent watching of the theme song, the answer is probably... No. Let's do a little quiz. What is the difference between Smash Bros and the theme song of P.P.G.? Most people would say "Duh, you idiot smash bros has a T-rating while PowerPuff Girls is more kid friendly!". That is one difference, grasshopper, but the real difference is blood! Even when Solid Snake shoots his rifle at Link and Mario, blood is never spilled! But the part in the theme song where Buttercup kicks "him" in the face... Well, lets just let a image describe that.

alright Craig McCracken, what are you up to?

Yes, this is an actual image from the theme song. Doesn't it remind you of "Mortal Kombat"? And no, somebody did not alter the theme song. This is because I saw the theme song on TELEVISION! This isn't some urban myth like BigFoot or the Loch Ness; this is real REAL REAL!!! Of course, this is the only place where blood appears. But still...

If you have some more info about interesting and weird facts about TV, let me know and I might make a blog post about it!

Bye for now!

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